Partnering With High-Achieving People to Craft Impactful Lives


I’m Sushil Cheema.

I’ve spent the majority of my career interviewing people as a respected reporter, writer and editor for organizations like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Now I’m using my natural curiosity, my storytelling abilities, and critical-thinking skills to help people people create robust meaningful lives so they can be their best selves — their whole selves — at all times.

I most value creativity, integrity, and connection. I keep those values central in all that I do.

To help senior-level leaders have greater impact at work and in life without burning out.

To be a trusted partner and use a holistic approach so I can help my Clients develop meaningful lives.

How Executive Coaching Works

I work with organizations that want to invest in the development of high-potential employees. I mostly work with mid-level managers and CEOs. Each coaching engagement is unique, just like each individual Client. I provide bespoke services based on individual needs.

Clients benefit from Executive Coaching enegagements because they have the chance to improve as leaders and enact real change that supports them not only professionally but also personally. Organizations benefit because they have more motivate, engaged leaders on their team.

I use a variety of tools in my practice, including a Visioning Questionnaire and an Emotional Intelligence assessment. I also include 360 feedback collected in rigorous interviews with the Client’s manager, direct reports and lateral colleagues. All of this information, along with that provided in confidential, 1:1 meetings with the Client, is used to set goals and create a Professional Development Plan.

Areas of Focus

Holistic Approach

Work-Life Integration

Emotional Intelligence

Executive Presence

Delivery of Feedback

Communication Skills

What Clients Are Saying

“Through my coaching with Sushil, I was abl to shift how I was seeing myself, my goals, and most of all my worth. She helped me gain clarity so that I could step into action. She helped me believe in myself deeper and reconnect with what I really want in life.”
— Kierra

“Sushil has a wonderful way of helping you find a new view on long-held patterns of thinking. She is a careful listener and a frank and insghtful coach. Anyone who has struggled to make change in their life would be in good hands with Sushil.”
— Rachel S.

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