Helping innovators become confident leaders

You’re a high-level leader, CEO, or founder heading up a growing business.

You understand that the workplace has changed tremendously over the past few years, and you’re committed to building a cohesive team that is engaged and collaborative.

You know that building solid relationships is crucial.

To do that, you need to invest in healthy conversations, building confidence, and managing time.

I’m here to help you do it.

I’m Sushil Cheema, an Executive Coach based in Tampa, Florida.

I work with CEOs and founders as they confidently navigate a changing workplace, creating and leading teams that are creative and collaborative.

Areas of Focus

Ocean and sand

Confidence Building

Learn how to shift your mindset, define your values, and be more decisive.

Sand and ocean

Executive Presence

Improve your communication skills, communicate your vision, and inspire your team.

Clear water at the beach

Practical Self-Care

Manage your time, delegate, have difficult conversations, and embrace gratitude.

Your presentation was fantastic & the insight you brought to the questions was positive and empowering!

Sam Sleeman, cxo & participant in delegation workshop for ellevate network

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