Emotional Intelligence (EQi-2.0) Assessment for Individuals

While IQ is a fixed personality trait, EQ (emotional intelligence) can be enhanced to help people improve their self-awareness, to have a better outlook, and to ultimately improve relationships.

I am certified to conduct the EQi-2.0 assessment, and I offer single-session reviews of results to interested parties.

Private 1:1 Coaching

This option is for individuals who want to explore making changes in a more intimate setting. The engagement includes:

✶ Shifting mindset
✶ Reducing stress and anxiety around change
✶ Establishing goals and direction
✶ Creating a plan for growth

Tools used in the engagement include:

✶ A Visioning Questionnaire
✶ EQi-2.0 assessment and review
✶ Wellness activities to help reduce stress and anxiety
✶ Setting short- and long-term goals
✶ Coaching around the goals
✶ A Devleopment Plan for continued growth
✶ A final Client project or presentation

Clients have an option to renew at the end of the engagement.

Organizationally-based Coaching for Individuals

I work with organizations that want to invest in the growth and development of high-performing employees, from mid-career professionals to CEOs.

Clients benefit from Executive Coaching enegagements because they have the chance to improve as leaders and enact real change that supports them not only professionally but also personally. Organizations benefit because they have more motivated, engaged leaders.

The three- or six-month engagement includes:

✶ Visioning Questionnaire
✶ Emotional Intelligence (EQi-2.0) assessment
✶ 360 feedback collected in rigorous interviews with colleagues
✶ Setting of short-term and long-term goals
✶ Professional Development Plan presented to the manager
✶ Follow-up 30 days and 90 days after the engagement ends

Group Coaching for Women

Join other high-powered, highly motivated women in a group coaching program that combines emotional intelligence, wellness practice, time management, and delegation skills to help you step into your power.

Sushil listened with the empathy of a friend, and responded with the insights of a trusted and experienced colleague. I found our time together particularly valuable in guiding me to reframe situations to provide the greatest opportunity for successful outcomes. She went above and beyond in sharing her time and knowledge and I am extremely appreciative of our time together.

public media station president

Sushil was a lifeline that I needed to help me navigate an incredible amount of organizational change. I came away feeling more confident in my decisions to move forward. Sushil also created a space for me to be honest and real without judgement. A person in my position has very few places to go where that is acceptable.

President & CEO of a public media organization

Sushil provided concrete, actionable advice on an incredibly difficult staffing situation in my management team. She was an objective sounding board when no one in my organization could help me. If you’re experiencing what can be a profound loneliness in leadership, Sushil is your next best step.

maria, broadcast executive

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