If you want to better understand your leadership strengths, or figure out how to overcome a hurdle in your leadership approach, then Sushil is the executive coach for you. She is thoughtful, insightful, and has helped me create a path towards an expanded leadership role.

Leslie, Executive Director of non-profit media arts organization (February 2023)

Sushil listened with the empathy of a friend, and responded with the insights of a trusted and experienced colleague. I found our time together particularly valuable in guiding me to reframe situations to provide the greatest opportunity for successful outcomes. She went above and beyond in sharing her time and knowledge and I am extremely appreciative of our time together.

Public Media Station President (February 2023)

Sushil provided a very safe and supportive space that helped to deepen my reflection on the issues and areas that I chose to focus on during our sessions. Thanks! I highly recommend Sushil for her effective, professional, personable, and human approach to coaching.

Media Executive (December 2022)

Sushil was a lifeline that I needed to help me navigate an incredible amount of organizational change. I came away feeling more confident in my decisions to move forward. Sushil also created a space for me to be honest and real without judgement. A person in my position has very few places to go where that is acceptable.

President & CEO of a public media organization (September 2022)

Sushil provided concrete, actionable advice on an incredibly difficult staffing situation in my management team. She was an objective sounding board when no one in my organization could help me. If you’re experiencing what can be a profound loneliness in leadership, Sushil is your next best step.

Maria, Broadcast Executive (September 2022)

Sushil has a remarkable ability to play a fine tune mixing the emotional and rational, the corporate and personal to work through milestones that were very specific to where I want to be in my career. She told me, compassionately, what I needed to hear and not just wanted to hear. She shined a light on my strengths, areas that were neglected, and celebrated accomplishments both big and small. She was organized, succinct, focused, professional and a skilled guide for a modern professional workplace.

Creative Director, IBM (August 2022)

I was introduced to Sushil at a time when I, perhaps, couldn’t have asked for a better coach. She’s great at helping people navigate their workplace demands – and she never loses sight of the person and their context. An incredible coach, Sushil will encourage you to do choose your path with the confidence that she’ll support you to the best of her abilities – and her abilities are vast. She’s both kind, compassionate and sharp, analytical. It’s truly been incredible working with her.

Durga, Independent Journalist (August 2022)

Sushil created the space to help me find solutions to the challenges a mid-career leader like me would face working in India’s media industry. My coaching sessions with her helped me pause and identify some of my blind spots, address them, and align with the goals I have. Her advice on giving feedback at the workplace was insightful and practical. I’ve taken a lot back from my 12-weeks with Sushil. 

S.R., Media Professional (August 2022)

Through my coaching with Sushil, I was able to shift how I was seeing myself, my goals, and most of all my worth. She helped me gain clarity so that I could step into action. She helped me believe in myself deeper and reconnect with what I really want in life.

Kierra, Business Owner (2019)

Sushil has a wonderful way of helping you find a new view on long-held patterns of thinking. She is a careful listener and a frank and insightful coach. Anyone who has struggled to make change in their life would be in good hands with Sushil.

Rachel, Journalist (2019)

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